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Querétaro gives the triumph to the Tigres

Gil Alcalá gave the three points to Tigres. An error by the Gallos goalkeeper, when he left the ball in the small area, became the winning goal for Tuca Ferretti’s team, which beat the Gallos de Querétaro 1-0 at the Corregidora stadium.

In the second half, Tigres was the only team that was present at the Corregidora stadium. Gallos did not take the roll, because he only shot once at the goal, on a free kick and when he was already losing 1-0, but before there was no news from the Pitty Altamirano team.

Something happens to those led by Altamirano in the last minutes, because in the final moments of each game there is a mistake and the rival turns it into a goal that ends up costing the team that plays at the Corregidora stadium points. It happened to him with Chivas and it happened again against the Tigers.

On the other side, Tuca Ferretti forgot the mask, because he is already vaccinated, and the medical assistants were attentive to the game from minute two, because Carlos González fell to the ground, after receiving a blow to the head and spilling blood . The Paraguayan returned to the field physically, but was far from the performance he is used to.

There was no park on either side, because Gignac missed Gil Alcalá’s goal and Gallos had no intention of going on the attack. Altamirano was already thinking about the tie, he asked his players to prioritize defensive tasks and, then, the Querétaro goalkeeper failed.

In a corner kick, Alcalá released the ball in his area and Diego Reyes pushed the ball. The 1-0 that disarmed the Gallos team and gave the victory to Tigres, who had five games without winning and took advantage of the gift.

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