In the family of Victoria and Alexei Markovich, two daughters were growing up, as the couple decided that it was time to go after their son. Vika became pregnant for the third time, but did not expect that she was carrying four boys under her heart at once, who, by the way, were safely born on January 15.

“My husband and I did not plan six children, we wanted a maximum of three. It’s time to go for an ultrasound scan, where the doctor first said, they say, we will have twins, then it turned out – triplets. For a week I walked with the thought that I was expecting triplets and then I thought, maybe the uzist was mistaken, and we will still have fewer children … When I had a second ultrasound, they saw the fourth baby! I was completely shocked! But her husband was happy, he said that at least one boy must be in the family, “- shared 27-year-old Victoria with” StarHit “.

Until 14 weeks, Markovich’s pregnancy proceeded normally, then she had to lie on storage for one to two weeks – and so every month.

“From the 20th week I went to the hospital until the very birth. As a result, it turned out that I spent two months in the hospital before giving birth and two months after. Today my boys are two and a half months old. We feel very good at home. My husband helps me with the children, fortunately, his work schedule allows. When he is busy, his mother-in-law comes to the rescue, ”Victoria continued.

Needless to say, a mother with many children had to forget about full sleep and time for her beloved, but this does not matter for her. Markovich is sure – it is a sin for her to complain, because the children and loved ones are healthy and happy.

“We are not planning any more children,” she notes, smiling. – How do you feel as a mother of six? Until the little one creeps out – everything seems to be fine! I feed my sons every three hours. We get up at six in the morning, wake the eldest daughter to school, and after that the day rushes by in worries about the younger ones. The daughters go to bed at nine in the evening. It happens that I sit until midnight with the kids. Then I try to sleep. In the middle of the night I wake up every two hours … And so every day. I think it will get easier over time. “

By the way, Victoria Markovich manages to keep a blog on Instagram, which is currently followed by more than 33 thousand people. In it, she talks about the difficult everyday life of a mother of six children. Since the babies were born prematurely, which is quite often the case with multiple pregnancies, Vika spends a lot of time with children on medical examinations in order to exclude their serious health problems.

“An ophthalmologist came and began an examination: Dima had previously had retinopathy (damage to the retina of the eyeball, – approx. “StarHita”) was not, now we have discovered the first stage. Kirill has stage 1 retinopathy. Roma has stage 1 retinopathy. Bogdan’s stage II retinopathy is very alarming and requires careful monitoring every week. In a week we will go with Bogdan for an examination, in two weeks again with everyone, ”she said recently.

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