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Q Roo Security Secretariat assumes full control of the Tulum police

The Secretariat of Quintana Roo Public Safety reported that as of this Sunday, April 11, it will assume full control of the police of the Tulum Municipality.

The security agency pointed out that the foregoing is due to “the constant and intolerant acts of use and abuse of control procedures, techniques, tactics and misapplied protocols, erroneous and incorrect; as well as the lack of control of individual impulses in the submission of people, exceeding the limits of their performance of the legal sphere and the unrestricted respect of the human rights”.

He reported that, as part of the actions, a first group of 30 Tulum police officers will be sent to the State Academy of Public Security in La Chetumal city, in order to receive the course with a level of specialization called “police legal and technical action”.

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The Ministry of Public Security detailed that, at the end of each course, whoever does not accredit the permanence requirements such as training, “will begin with the procedure of separation from service immediately, since the citizens of Tulum deserve well-trained police officers. ”.

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