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Pumas triumph over Necaxa was a “relief” for Andrés Lillini

The Pumas coach recalled the scene of the celebration of the winning goal over Necaxa, after several days of which they were without points

Andrés Lillini now he did smile. The technician of the Pumas, used to showing a puzzled face at press conferences, this time he couldn’t hide his happiness.

He pointed Lillini that when he went to embrace his player effusively, Juan Pablo Vigón, for the goal that made the difference in the game and gave them the three points to continue aspiring to the playoffs, it was a relief after having suffered a lot in the match against Necaxa.

“It was an expression, I don’t know how many things, but mainly of relief, of seeing that the team was going to win, that sometimes you work with a lot of desire to do things well and you can’t always. That goal was something of being with them, I realized when I was already there… I got to hug the players, it was what came out to hug Vigón; I don’t know if it was good or it was bad ”.

Held Andrés Lillini that the victory “was an oxygen tank, to a very difficult match. The process of the match was difficult. It was a very bad first half, we never found what had been worked on. We were imprecise, disorderly to attack; We didn’t have many things that we had trained on ”.

Likewise, the helmsman of the Pumas: “I think I was tactically right in getting Leo López and Vigón; there, I think we started to have options… Necaxa also had his goal situations, but hey, it crossed my mind that what I had to do was take risks, because I had to win ”.

Express Andrés Lillini that the opportunities created by the necaxistas did not come to fruition, as he affirmed that “we have the best goalkeeper in the League.”


For his part, Guillermo Vázquez, Necaxa coach, stated: “Let it be clear that we are going out to win today, that is very clear to us. We try it on the one hand, on the other; The result bothers a bit because we play well. The only difference was that we didn’t put it in, it’s that simple ”.

The Rayos coach added that “I felt that the team was coming, we were being dangerous. There is annoyance for not having achieved the goal that was sought so much. They are lessons that one must learn, be more forceful and also be more attentive, well yes You cannot win, you must not lose either ”.

“Ours will come, and look for the three points,” finished the necaxista helmsman, whose squad will repeat at home on the following day, receiving Querétaro.

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