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Pumas Sub17 thrashed America 8-2, Eagles last in the category

Pumas had no mercy on America Sub-17 and scored eight goals to make it the worst team of the season in that division

The America U17 the regular phase of the Guard1anes 2021 as the worst team in their category and in their last match they were overwhelmingly thrashed by the Pumas by a score of 8-2.

The team led by Mauricio Gallaga could not face the auriazul team, which did not forgive and in the first half achieved a resounding 3-1 with a double from Abraham Freyfeld, while on the azulcrema side the author of the goal was Hugo Barajas, who achieved score at minute 5.

America’s defense collapsed in the second half as they managed to concede five touchdowns in 35 minutes.

The last goal of the feathered ones was Francisco García and his goal came when the rival already had six goals in his favor.

America had a bad season ending with a balance of only three victories, a draw and 13 setbacks.

In addition, on a defensive level they finished as the worst behind, allowing 47 goals and only achieving 20 goals.

The U20 categories of both squads also faced each other at noon this Saturday on field 1 of the quarry.

The first teams will star in the last day of Guard1anes 2021 at the Estadio Olímpico Universitario and unlike the U17 team, America is in second place in the championship, while UNAM is obliged to win and expect a combination of results from four teams.

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