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Pumas promises reinforcements and continuity of Andrés Lillini for the Apertura 2021

Leopoldo Silva, president of Pumas, reaffirmed Andrés Lillini as the team’s technical director and reiterated the incorporation of reinforcements to return to the league

Leopoldo Silva, president of Pumas, sent a message to the university fans after not accessing the playoffs after the loss to America. The manager promised reinforcements for the next tournament, in addition to informing that Andrés Lillini will remain as coach of the whole of the UNAM.

“Have no doubt that we know that we must strengthen ourselves in certain areas so that we remain competitive and return to the place that our team deserves. We work on it. We work so that the team has reinforcements that contribute to the game together so that our players have an optimal preseason and thus, let’s face the next tournament with the best preparation, “he said in a video that the feline team published on their social networks.

“Today, I am certain and confident that Andrés Lillini is the indicated technical director for our Pumas and I also know that, with his guidance, he and the players who participate next season will reverse this bad tournament ”.

Silva thanked the support of the fans at a distance, but expressed the desire to have them return to the University Olympic Stadium, so he asks that they follow the instructions of the authorities.

“I am writing to you after a tournament in which we did not achieve the expected results. As presidents of our Pumas I understand that, after reaching the final in Guard1anes 2020, it was important to achieve the goal set for the current tournament. We should have entered the Liguilla ”.

Despite promising reinforcements, the president said that Pumas will continue with the imposition of the Mexican soccer player, especially those forged in the Cantera, who must have regularity to gain experience such as Erik Lira, Carlos Gutiérrez and Jerónimo Rodríguez, players who put example.

Pumas finished the regular phase of Guard1anes Clausura 2021 in fifteenth position with 18 units, the product of four wins, six draws and seven defeats, the last of them against América, a team that left them without repechage aspirations.

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