Pumas UNAM has the worst offense of Guard1anes 2021, a situation that makes it difficult for them to obtain a ticket to the playoffs at the close of the tournament

MEXICO – It seems obvious, but the departure of Carlos Gonzalez from Pumas It had an impact on more than the auriazul coaching staff expected, led by Andrés Lillini.

The Paraguayan forward did in the last tournament with college seven goals, five in the regular season and two in the league, which accounted for almost 20 percent of the club’s goals in the regular season. In addition to 32 percent of the annotations of Juan Dinenno, the forward covered half of the team’s ‘targets’ last season.

However, for the Guard1anes 2021, the auriazul team has the worst offense of the tournament with only seven goals scored, and is the second worst team of the tournament in shooting overall (112) and shots on goal (39).

Even when comparing the performance of Pumas In the first 12 games of the previous tournament against the current one, it can be seen that in Guard1anes 2020 they registered almost double the points and triple the points scored with respect to this contest.

There were 21 goals that the cats had before the start of date 13 of the previous semester, as well as 22 units, a situation that led them to the final of the tournament.

In the scorer aspect of this campaign, they have not done so well. Juan Dinenno he has three goals in his last four games, although two of them were penalties. The Argentine is the only player on the squad to score more than one in the tournament. None of his teammates have scored more than once in Guard1anes 2021 and that affects the points.

This is how the departure of González and Dinenno’s injury had an impact on the poor offense of Pumas, which today aspires to a miracle to qualify for the playoffs.