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Pumas, between the miracle of entering the playoffs and the pain of turning 10 without a title

Pumas needs more than a miracle to prevent it from going a decade without winning a league title. But that miracle that seemed very distant began to take shape from this Saturday, when the three results that Pumas needed to have aspirations to qualify for the playoff occurred.

The defeats of Querétaro and Mazatlán FC, in addition to the Tijuana draw, leave Pumas with an unbeatable opportunity to beat América to try to save a really bad season.

The game this Sunday against will be an intense classic for Pumas, while for the Eagles it is a procedure, since nothing moves him from the second overall position.


Avoiding the decade without a title is not the only affront for the Pumas, who could not end one of their longest title droughts last tournament, when they had a spectacular tournament, they eliminated Cruz Azul in an unusual way after coming back from a deficit of 4- 0 and lost in the Final against the Lion.

Since he won the 2011 Clausura Final with a 3-2 aggregate and thanks to a great goal from Javier Cortés, Pumas only played two series for the title again, the Apertura 2015 that he lost to Tigres, and the aforementioned Guard1anes 2020 that he lost to Leon.

It will be one of the longest untitled streaks for Pumas since winning the first (76-77). It took exactly 10 years between the second (80-81) and the third (90-91), a wonderful time in which it became the main quarry of Mexican soccer, although it would take 14 years to lift a title again, which it was compensated with the first Bicampeonato in short tournaments in 2004 with Hugo Sánchez and Pumanía.

Pumas won the League again in the Clausura 2009. In the Clausura 2011 it had an important base of Mexican players from the quarry, led by Memo Vázquez, which little by little was disappearing, mainly in the production of forwards, since since then only Eduardo Herrera showed a regular level, without being outstanding.

That bet cost him many disappointments. High-quality forwards arrived at Pedregal, but soon they came out to achieve glory in other teams. Martín Bravo, Ismael Sosa and, more recently, Carlos González achieved a good quota of goals, but the lack of titles led the team to part with them in search of financial resources.

Today Pumas has recovered the mystique a bit and last tournament that combination of youth and experience moved and deluded the Auriazul fans. The disappointment of the last tournament hit very hard throughout the university club, which started the tournament with many problems and currently does not look like a candidate for the title. But the last tournament taught him a great lesson, and today, against America, he can show that he is capable of achieving the miracle. Or it will be a historic defeat that will cost him to be remembered for the pain of accumulating 10 years without a title.

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