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“Pugacheva forbade”: Kirkorov spoke about the song “Crazy Empress”

In the episode of the show “Mask”, which aired on the NTV channel this Sunday, April 4, a participant in a Snake costume made a splash, brilliantly performing Irina Allegrova’s hit “The Crazy Empress”.

Philip Kirkorov admitted after the performance that this composition, written by Igor Nikolaev, is one of his favorites.

“This is the song I was supposed to sing,” the pop king admitted suddenly. “But for some reason I had to give it up.”

Philip Kirkorov first decided not to expand on the reasons. But when the discussion of Snake’s performance was over, the chairman of the panel of judges of the “Mask” show suddenly opened up.

“Igor Nikolaev brought me this song, and Alla Pugacheva forbade me to sing it,” said Philip Kirkorov. – “Boudoir of the Empress …”

“A hint that she’s a crazy empress?” – said the singer Valeria.

Recall that Igor Nikolaev wrote a song about the crazy empress in 1997. At this time, Philip Kirkorov and Alla Pugacheva were just married.

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