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Pucela bleeds to death against the teams of ‘his’ League

Real Valladolid will pass one more day occupying relegation positions after allowing themselves to be tied against Cádiz in a match that once again exposed the inability of the Blanquivioletas to close the scoreboard, something already seen on other occasions this season against teams like yellow, a priori, from ‘the same League’ as Sergio’s team Gonzalez. Such is so has not managed to win a single match of the six played against the newly promoted, a circumstance, without a doubt, influencing the situation in which he lives.

In front of Huesca, Cádiz and Elche the baggage is scarce, barely five points, those added in as many draws. Although on the opposite side there is a single defeat, the hard and painful harvested at home against the Huesca team, it is worth remembering the disappointments of some of those matched. And it is that against the Alto Aragonese, Pucela squandered two goals in two minutes in the first round, while against Elche he went against the current in Zorrilla, where he came back two goals, and in Martínez Valero, without deserving it.

As if this were not enough, Neither against the rest of the teams in the second half of the table, things have gone well, exception made of Getafe, the only one that has managed to beat in the 16 dates that have elapsed in 2021, and whom Real Valladolid won at the Coliseum (0-1) and in Zorrilla (2-1). Not in vain, Athletic, Granada and Osasuna, the other three rivals who fell against Valladolid, are among the top ten at this point in the season, positions that could only circumstantially leave Bilbao and Navarre this day.

Far from being a stimulus, this situation denotes pessimism for many, although the most optimistic about the future of the Blanquivioletas surely prefer to cling to precisely this last circumstance and the fact that Athletic is precisely the next rival, which Real Valladolid visits this Wednesday in San Mamés. The extra bullet awarded by the vagaries of the calendar and its changes they could still allow the team to come out of the relegation zone if they win again against the lions. That is what the squad wants to hold on to, which prepares that visit without resting, after exercising this Sunday in Los Anexos with Ronaldo as a witness.

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