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PSG sporting director prioritizes Keylor over Donnarumma rumor

Leonardo avoids giving importance to external voices that affirm that they will go for Donnarumma and praises Navas’s work

Keylor Navas He has the support of his superiors today to keep working and showing every week that he is one of the goalkeepers who has a better time in football in Europe.

Not only does he have the go-ahead from his coach, Mauricio Pochettino, who complimented him after the good presentation he had against Bayern Munich last Wednesday where thanks to his interventions, the PSG managed to get the victory from German terrain but also has the approval of the sports management, led by Leonardo, who was the one who did the management to sign him in the first place.

The Brazilian has full confidence in what he does Keylor Navas and he has never disappointed him but these days in the middle of the week he was consulted from Sky Sports and Italia, about if they are thinking of going to buy the goalkeeper of the Milan, Gianluigi Donnarumma and he sidestepped the issue.

“Donnarumma? We are in the Champions League, not in the transfer window. Navas is great, ”said Leonardo.

It is usual in a club with as many ambitions as the PSG that in the middle of the season they are being consulted about renovations or future purchases and although no one has ruled out that they are going to buy a goalkeeper for the next season, there is absolute confidence in what they are doing Keylor Navas, which is one of the most acclaimed goalkeepers of the moment.

The Champions League It is one of his showcases where he always looks at his best level and he showed it in the round of 16 where he was a pillar to eliminate the Barcelona with nine fundamental saves and was once again a savior in the first leg of the quarterfinals against Bayern Munich with ten covered. The coin is in the air in this series as the return in France is yet to be played but Keylor Navas is inspired and will seek to guide the PSG to the semifinals again.

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