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Province by province, all the details of the beginning of the vaccination against the coronavirus

Each province defined the centers that this Tuesday will begin to vaccinate against the coronavirus, where health personnel will have priority Credit: Fernando Font

After 300 days of the first positive case of Covid-19, Argentina will launch today the vaccination plan against the coronavirus. The doses are already in the 23 provinces and the city of Buenos Aires.

Amid the concern for the acceleration of new cases -Argentina has already added 1,590,513 infected and exceeded 42,000 deaths-, the Government distributed the first 300,000 doses of Sputnik V vaccine, which in this first stage will be focused on health personnel.

The province of Buenos Aires, for example, received 123,000 vaccines -41% of the total-, Santa Fe 24,100, the city of Buenos Aires 23,100, Córdoba 21,900, Tucumán 11,500, Mendoza 11,000, Entre Ríos 10,100 and Salta 8,300.

As confirmed by official sources THE NATION, The Presidency will vaccinate the personnel that make up the teams of the intensive therapy units in the Posadas Hospital, where will the Minister of Health be, Ginés González García.

The government of Axel Kicillof arranged it to be the Hospital San Martín, in La Plata, where the vaccination process will begin. The first three people will be personnel from the intensive care area: Natalin Caballero, who is a medical therapist, a nurse and a cleaning assistant. The government of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, meanwhile, he will apply the doses to the intensive therapy equipment of the Hospital Argerich.

While the president Alberto Fernandez And the governors arranged last Saturday that everyone will be given the vaccine as a sign of confidence, the truth is that the only provincial president who has already confirmed that today he will be in the front row to be vaccinated is the Pampean Sergio Ziliotto.

“The idea is that when autumn comes we will have the greatest number of people at risk vaccinated, that is my goal”, the President told the provincial leaders in the meeting they held by videoconference.

How is the operation in the rest of the provinces:

  • Catamarca: It will begin at the “Carlos Malbrán” hospital, a health center that was set up after the outbreak of the pandemic. The first two people who will receive the vaccine in the province will be a doctor and an intensive care doctor from that hospital.
  • Chaco: It will begin in the main hospitals of the COVID-19 corridor: Julio C. Perrando and Pediatric Avelino Castelán, from Resistencia; June 4, by Sáenz Peña, and Bicentenario, by Castelli. On this first day, health personnel involved in tasks related to Covid-19 will be immunized.
  • Chubut: will be vaccinated at the Hospital Zonal de Trelew. The first vaccinated will be an intensive care nurse from that hospital.
  • Córdoba: In its capital, the vaccination process will be carried out at the Córdoba Convention Center “Brigadier Juan Bautista Bustos”. The first to receive the vaccine will be health personnel from critical care units, both in the public and private sectors. In the interior of the province, vaccination will be carried out in the 24 vaccination centers of the provincial hospitals and with the same criteria according to the doses received.
  • Currents: The intensive therapy teams of that hospital will begin to be vaccinated at the Home School Field Hospital in the capital city.
  • Between rivers: Intensive therapy team personnel will be vaccinated at the San Martín Hospital in the city of Paraná. The other three cities are Concordia, Gualeguaychú and Concepción del Uruguay.
  • Formosa: ICU personnel will be vaccinated in the first stage in the General Vaccination Center of the Province, which is the one with the largest storage capacity to maintain the appropriate cold chain.
  • Jujuy: the Campaña Hospital of the Cultural City, in the Alto Padilla neighborhood of San Salvador de Jujuy. The first person to be vaccinated will be Dr. Acosta who works as an intensivist at Hospital San Roque.
  • The Pampa: It will begin in the vaccination center of the Public Assistance of the Pampean capital, with Governor Sergio Ziliotto as the first recipient and Natalia Fernández, head of intensive care at the Lucio Molas hospital.
  • The Rioja: They will begin to administer the doses to the personnel of intensive therapies of the three hospitals of the Capital: Vera Barros, Fatima and Mother and Child.
  • Mendoza: He will be vaccinated at the Lagomaggiore Hospital in the capital city.
  • Missions: The vaccination will begin at the San Roque Hospital in the city of Oberá, and Claudia Acosta, who works in that institution, will receive the first vaccine.
  • Neuquén: He will be vaccinated at the Tucaché Stadium, equipped with cold equipment to maintain the vaccines. Hospital staff with intensive care services will be vaccinated first.
  • Black river: They will vaccinate in the six provincial hospitals, which are the only ones with intensive therapy and cold chain capacity in the province. In all cases, the intensive care health teams will be the first to receive their doses. In Viedma, he will be vaccinated at the Artémides Zatti Hospital; in Bariloche, at the Ramón Carrillo Hospital; in Cipoletti, at the Pedro Moguillansky Hospital; in General Roca, at the López Lima Hospital; in Allen, at the Ernesto Accame Hospital; and in Villa Regina, at the Elías Smirnoff Hospital.
  • Jump: at the San Bernardo Hospital in the provincial capital.
  • San Juan: at the “Aldo Cantoni” Stadium, where the cold chain and logistics necessary for vaccination were arranged, first of all from personnel of health teams from intensive therapy units.
  • Saint Louis: The main vaccination points in the province will be the “Madre Catalina” Hospital in Merlo, the “Juan Domingo Perón” Hospital in Villa Mercedes, and in the capital city, the San Luis Hospital. In all of them, they will begin vaccinating emergency care teams and intensive therapy.
  • Santa Cruz: Red guard doctors (emergencies) will be vaccinated at the Rio Gallegos Regional Hospital. In successive days they will also be vaccinated in Caleta Olivia and Calafate.
  • Santa Fe: At Cullen Hospital, therapists, physical therapists, orderlies, and nurses will be vaccinated. Rosario: at the Centenario Hospital, a private infectologist, medical therapists, kinesiologists, orderlies, Centenario nurses, among others, will be vaccinated.
  • Santiago del Estero: Vaccination will begin at the Independencia Hospital in the provincial capital, where the care of patients with Covid-19 was concentrated. The first person to be vaccinated tomorrow, Tuesday, will be an intensive care nurse at that hospital.
  • Land of Fire: It will vaccinate in the Regional Hospitals of Ushuaia and Rio Grande its intensive therapy teams, laboratory personnel, external guard and hospitalization, both from the public and private systems.
  • Tucuman: The province will vaccinate all its personnel in 14 provincial nodes, emergency personnel and intensive therapies. In San Miguel de Tucumán: the headquarters of the Provincial Emergency Center 107; the Self-Vaccination Center in the Capital; Ángel Cruz Padilla Hospital; Avellaneda Hospital; Néstor Kirchner Day Hospital and Children’s Hospital. Institute of Maternity and Gynecology Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes. In the interior of the province: Hospital Gral. Lamadrid de Monteros; Regional Hospital of Concepción; Modular Hospital of Aguilares; Modular Hospital of Banda del Río Salí; Modular Hospital of Tafí Viejo; Modular Hospital of Tafí del Valle.

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