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Prostheses from a 3D printer – the bitch Monika now has titanium paws

The bitch Monika is happily paddling through the world with new paws …

This miracle was preceded by a dramatic rescue operation. Monika, a mongrel, was found seriously injured in a forest in the Krasnodar region (Russia). Her four paws were only bleeding, fleshy stumps, the animal was in agony.

How exactly the serious injuries came about is unclear. But thanks to impressive technology, Monika can now walk again. Your body is carried by titanium paws!

Using a 3D printer, the implants were tailored to the remaining bone and given a porous structure for better adhesion. The implant has an external thread on which an exchangeable rubber foot is mounted.

Titanium is particularly suitable for implants because it is optimally tolerated and is not rejected by the body. “Luck and experience” also played a major role in the operation, says 33-year-old veterinarian Sergej Gorschkow from Novosibirsk, Siberia, to whom Monika owes her new paws.

Two weeks after the operation, the four-legged woman can walk properly again. And Monika got a new mistress right away: The Russian Alla Leonkina became aware of the severely injured animal through animal rights activists and started an online fundraising campaign in order to be able to pay for the operation.

A total of 4800 euros came together. Leonkina used the money to pay for the flight to Novosibirsk, 4,000 kilometers away, and the surgery.

And Monika? She pays everything back to her mistress with a lot of love and affection …

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