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Prosecutor’s Office requests preventive detention for the mayor of Quito

The Prosecutor’s office General of the State requested that preventive detention be issued against the mayor of Quito, Jorge Yunda, for the alleged crime of embezzlement within the case of the purchase of 100,000 evidence against COVID-19.

During yesterday afternoon, the Prosecutor’s Office presented 12 pieces of evidence where they issue their accusatory opinion against the Burgomaster as the alleged mediate perpetrator within the crime of embezzlement. This decision must be the result of the judge who is handling the case.

Among the items collected, some were presented such as:

Emergency contract for the acquisition of reagents for the determination of COVID-19 by PCR-polymerase, signed on April 16, 2020.

A 70% advance payment was made for $ 2,641,800 ordered from the Municipality of Quito. In addition to $ 2,641,800 ordered from the Municipality of Quito and the termination of the contract by mutual agreement (July 13, 2020) with the contracting company.

On Twitter it was explained that the mediate author “It does not have the domain based on the execution of an action but on the power of the will to lead the action carried out by another person”

According to the institution, the elements of conviction gathered during the investigation would show that Yunda had knowledge – at all times – of the hiring process and that he prepared the essential conditions for the ex-secretariat of Salus, Lenín Mantilla, to sign a contract for USD 4,226,880 for the acquisition of PCR-Polymerase reagents, by eliminating the maximum hiring ceilings previously established for public entities, the amount of which was 2.9 million dollars.

It is also detailed that he had knowledge, through direct communication with Ximena Abarca and Linda Guamán, that the tests delivered were not PCR-Polymerase but RT Lamp and that they did not comply with the technical specifications determined in the contract, before which he would have had two instructions clear that marked the hiring process.

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