Professional dancer Natalya Pronina executed on the street

Moscow –

A surveillance camera shows the horror scenes that took place when the professional dancer Natalya Pronina (30) died.

The young woman was out with two friends on the evening in question. Natalya just got home from work.

“TV 5” shows recordings from the surveillance camera of a man wearing a ski mask walking towards the small group.

Masked man shoots dancer Natalya Pronina

Suddenly he pulls up a pistol and fires twice at Natalya Pronina. The successful dancer was practically executed on the street.

The shots hit Natalya in the face. An emergency doctor takes the seriously injured 30-year-old to a hospital. Doctors try to the last to save the life of the young woman.

Natalya Pronina dies in hospital on Christmas Eve

But any help comes too late, and a little later Natalya Pronina succumbs to her serious injuries. The anniversary of her death is December 24, 2020. Christmas Eve.

A horrific murder that puts all of Russia into shock. And the police are puzzling why the 30-year-old had to die, far too early.

Many theories about the terrible death of Natalya Pronina

Pronina was a successful dancer, won several national competitions, made international appearances and ran a dance studio in Moscow.

“She danced wonderfully, was beautiful herself,” says a friend of her. “She earned well, could afford a lot. Men swarmed around them. Maybe one of the admirers is behind the act. “

When an acquaintance said she had recognized a man from Yalta on the surveillance images, the police investigated under high pressure. The suspect Alexander K. is said to have had a long-distance relationship with Natalya Pronina.

Construction workers are said to have stalked dancer Natalya Pronina

But the man has a good alibi: At the time of the crime, he is said to have been in the Crimea, so far away, reports “a news”.

K., however, told the investigators that Pronina had told him about a construction worker who allegedly made her feel stalked. He is said to have turned up again and again at her home, given her flowers, even when she clearly rejected him.

However, the police have not yet tracked down the ominous stalker.

Professional dancer Natalya Pronina is said to have had an affair with politicians

In the meantime, the officials are investigating in a different direction. According to this, Natalya Pronina is said to have had an affair with a politician who was not named, reports the “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

The two are said to have met regularly for a few weeks until the wealthy MP’s wife got wind of the affair. She is said to have massively threatened Pronina.

The politician or his wife are said to have set a professional killer on the dancer.

So far, however, all of these are just more or less sound theories. The relatives of the professional dancer are still waiting for an explanation of this terrible murder. (jv)

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