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Princess Diana used this secret to frame her cheekbones

Smooth features, a candid gaze with bright blue eyes, and flawless skin are other highlights. characteristics that have always captivated us about the beauty of Princess Diana. With the royals we can have few things in common, but imitating their hairstyles or makeup will always be possible to feel like royalty.

One of the makeup artists who had the pleasure of working numerous times with Princess Diana, Mary Greenwell (who has also done makeup for Cate Blanchett, Lily James and even Meghan Markle) has confessed Lady Di’s love for makeup, for looking and feeling good, Hence, during the 80’s he always carried blue outline everywhere. ‘He loved to experiment,’ he says, and boy did he do it wearing some trends of the time.

Over time we have discovered other of her beauty tricks, such as her skin care regimen, how she applied the mascara, the importance of moisturizer in her routine, her favorite lipstick colors ; However, there is one that has especially caught our attention and that reaffirms why for so many years we have considered her a style icon, truly an influencer and we have followed her style keys to the letter to imitate her best looks .

Read on to find out Princess Diana’s secret beauty and how to easily replicate it.

Your beauty routine

“She always made sure she had all her makeup removed at the end of the day, and that her face was spotless before she put on makeup,” says Mary Greenwell. That was his first step and then, with a clean face, continue to hydrate, another fundamental point in Lady Di’s routine: ‘He always started with a moisturizer, followed by a foundation according to his tone and then he used concealer to lift his eyes,’ continues the makeup artist. A minimalist habit, according to their natural beauty (which they always sought to highlight) and the times.

Greenwell also reiterates that it was she who taught Princess Diana about the best way to apply the mask well: ‘I taught her to make sure she covered the lash roots as well.’ However, there is yet another trick shared by another of her makeup artists to highlight her cheekbones.

A little color, with a natural and healthy halo

After Lord Snowdon (British photographer and filmmaker, who was married to Princess Margaret) summoned make-up artist Clayton Howard for an unspecified photo shoot in November 1980, Howard was caught by surprise with 19-year-old Lady Diana Spencer. By now speculation in the press about her engagement to the Prince of Wales had reached a fever pitch and, unknowingly upon arrival, Howard’s task was to accentuate her beauty for an official portrait to accompany the engagement announcement.

Portrait where he used that trick that has transcended time: applying cream blush, specifically on that occasion the Blushing Frost, by Max Factor, to, as requested, highlight Diana Spenser’s youthful and fresh appearance, who would become Princess. In many other situations he used it, but without a doubt this is one of the most memorable and one that led to others following in his footsteps.

How should you apply cream blush?

The ease of using this type of product is that you have total control and your fingers (and their heat) will help you to apply it in a very natural way. Use a cream or liquid blush that you can stroke and blend onto your skin with your fingers. Mary Greenwell is also a fan of this trick and at the time she also used it on Princess Diana: ‘One of the most memorable was the iconic Met Gala look. I created a smooth appearance by creating transparent formulas on the skin to add a touch of color. Use a liquid or cream blush to create a softer veil effect on the skin. The key is to let the skin have a natural and healthy glow, ‘he says.

Our editor, Karina Ulloa, could not resist either, and explains much better how it should be done and which shades favor us the most according to our skin tone: ‘You just have to apply it like her, on the cheekbone and a little lower, like this. stand out more. If you are a brunette, it is better to apply an orange, tan or peach tone, and if you have fair skin that is close to pink, but not very vibrant because you can look like a doll and look weird. ‘

See the video on YouTube.

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