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Princess Diana and Her Style: How to Dress Like Her Today

Princess Diana was, is and will be a style icon. Over the years we have reaffirmed his great sense of fashion, his flair for dressing with timeless basics, while enjoying the trends of the moment and, of course, his elegance, an innate ability to dress effortlessly. from sportswear to gala dresses with the same naturalness and bearing.

Diana Spencer or Lady DiAs he was also known, he has been an inspiration and a reference, not only for his fascinating life, and his philanthropic and charitable works, but also for being the muse of great designers such as the Moroccan Jacques Azagury; by Valentino, by Giancarlo Giammetti; by Gianfranco Ferré, during his time as a creative designer for Christian Dior and who created for her the famous Lady Dior or; of the always remembered and his personal friend Gianni Versace.

It is a fact that his essence has crossed the barrier of time and has become a figure admired and remembered by many to this day. Movies and series portray her assiduously, as a main character (the next one is a film directed by Chilean Pablo Larraín and starring Kristen Stewart, who will play Lady Di, in a biopic about Princess Diana titled ‘Spencer’) or secondary, as in the fourth season ‘The Crown’. Likewise, (by strategy or not), her looks have become references to wear by her renowned daughters-in-law, her style keys are pure summer inspiration, and from other seasons of the year.

However, it is evident how certain garments and outfits that defined the style of Princess Diana, during the 80s and 90s, are fully in force today, We have seen them on the catwalks, in the best dresses and in our favorite fast-fashion stores, reaffirming, as we said at the beginning, their impeccable style and demonstrating the cyclical power of fashion. Here we show you the looks that Lady Di wore first and that, again, are a trend and we love them more every day.

Between the princess dresses and the pink

The designers’ halftime proposals showed very romantic, extravagant dresses, thinking about the parties that we want to enjoy during 2021. Flowing skirts, appliques and tulle gave something to talk about, as they also did. each of the dresses that Princess Diana ever wore for big special events, whether they were royalty or not. For her, wearing bright colors was never an impediment and here she shows it with this bubblegum pink dress, one of the main shades of this season.

On the catwalks we saw an explosion of fuchsias and hot pinks, but also other shades of pink. The Custommade brand showed it in a tailored pantsuit and blazer, as did Halpern; and Roksanda and Molly Goddard with other models of dresses, to wear during the day or night.

Basics yesterday and today

White shirt

Basic items like a thin white shirt and a pair of jeans will never go out of style. Diana of Wales has dressed them and we continue to do so to this day and, 20 years from now, we will continue to do so. But it is true that this spring the basics have been reinvented a bit, here and there to show that they do not always have to be the same, to acquire a certain relevance this season. Of course, with certain twists. In the shirts we see it in its oversize version, like the bubblegum pink color of Valentino, or with slightly puffed or short sleeves.


Jeans were also, as they are for us today, a must-have item in his wardrobe. The princess used them to attend her fieldwork in the countries most in need, as on this occasion she was wearing jeans, tennis shoes and a blazer upon arrival at the Luanda airport, Angola, at the beginning of her four-day visit to this South African country. to carry out different Red Cross projects.

During this season the mom style jeans, like these worn by Lady Di or, the very Kamala Harris, have become the favorites of many. Brands, in order to show off a much more comfortable style, have popularized loose and slouchy silhouettes, as well as the return of straight models with a certain flare. The fact is that being a renowned figure does not prevent you from using this very practical garment and that it will always be an ally in those moments when dressing comfortable, ready for everything, but with style is not a problem.

Elegant sensuality

On the occasion of the MET Gala in 1996, Princess Diana attended the event dressed by John Galliano, with a slip dress that he designed for the Christian Dior house. During the nineties, slip dresses and exposed lingerie details were in vogue as they are now. Paco Rabanne has proposed them for this spring, as well as Balenciaga, Rouland Mouret or the Chilean brand VOZ.

These details and fabrics are not only found in maxi dresses like these, but also in midi or mini dresses and blouses. They can be combined for a special occasion such as the MET Gala with a spectacular necklace or, for day to day, with a leather or denim jacket, a blazer, flat sandals or fine heels.

All to the sleeves

If there is a trend that for a couple of seasons has not stopped drawing our attention, it is those of puffed sleeves, in dresses and beautiful blouses. In 1983 I was wearing this white color with small black spots, a piece that we could easily wear right now, not only because of the style of the sleeves, but because of its cut, design and pattern. For a game of polo, like Lady Di did, or a meal with friends during the summer.

But don’t have any doubts that sleeves will be the center of attention, more than one designer continues to include them in their autumn-winter 2021-2022 proposals, so we will continue to see them and use them to create unique and unforgettable outfits.

Blazers + Sweatshirts

Being a public figure of great renown, Princess Diana was followed quite often by paparazzi in her day to day life. Snapshots that have left us memories and looks like this one, where he is seen wearing more than one garment that is currently a trend. Like the cowboy boots, which Isabel Marant proposes to wear again during the spring; some comfortable pants, very similar to the joggers that we can still find in stores like Zara or Mango; a blazer to elevate any outfit, no matter how sporty it may be and, the accessory of the season, the cap.

Celine has changed, at least in this look, the blazer for a leather jacket, and the boots for sporty high-tops, but we have a modern proposal to the look of Diana of Wales. Although of course we do not doubt that in the street style or in the it-girls of the moment, like Hailey Bieber, we see an outfit similar to that of the princess.

In its most candid version

The childish but exaggerated neck detail was a staple in her wardrobe and, as you’ll see, she’s making a big comeback this year. His name, known as Peter Pan collar, refers to the famous child character. Sometimes it is seen as a nice accessory and other times as a central part of the blouse or dress that wears it, making the garment much more striking.

From original designs to colorful embroidery, designers offer us elegant peter pan collars with a different touch that no influencer can resist wearing, to give their outfits a more romantic look.

Romantic transparencies

As we mentioned at the beginning, dresses in delicate fabrics such as organza, chiffon or tulle are favorites of the season and at the time we already saw Diana of Wales use them. One of them, the most famous, designed by Bellville Sassoon and remembered for the funny anecdote of being photographed asleep, in full gala at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 1981, without realizing it, days before announcing her pregnancy.

The fluidity of these dresses encompassed many collections, with light and transparent fabrics that floated on the models’ bodies. At Acne and Jil Sander, these see-through pieces overlapped with ease, while at Valentino and Dior it only took one to catch the eye. The palettes in soft, pastel and more delicate tones were chosen to color dresses, skirts and blouses.

Other looks such as the classic knitted jumpers and vests, wearing denim-on-denim, biker shorts, wearing white socks with tennis shoes and his fondness for plaid prints, are other trends that have become popular in past seasons and that we follow. carrying, as the princess of the town taught us.

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