Prince Ernst August threatens up to three years in prison royals

Will that be the last New Year in freedom for Prince Ernst August von Hannover (66)?

On Wednesday, the Wels public prosecutor confirmed BILD information, according to which charges were brought against the Guelph Prince because of his absences in the Austrian Almtal in the summer – and at the same time threatened with up to three years in jail!

The indictment lists four incidents on different days in which the nobleman allegedly acted “in a state of intoxication” each time. This should be proven by an expert report.

BILD documents the protocol of the sovereign outrage:

▶︎ July 14th and 15th: “The accused is accused of repeatedly trying to prevent police officers from performing various official acts by means of force and dangerous threats, and of having injured them in part,” said a spokesman for the public prosecutor. After threats against his employees, Prince Ernst August was supposed to be brought to a psychiatric hospital on these days; In addition, his hunting weapons should be taken from him.

▶︎ 20th of July: “The accused is accused of threatening a police officer dangerously using a baseball bat.”

▶︎ 7. September: “He is accused of damaging the glazing of the dining room window of the house owned by the Duke of Cumberland Foundation and attempting to force the employed couple and their daughter to leave the building they live in by threatening them.”

After this scandal, several police patrols surrounded the prince’s hunting lodge in Grünau. The scandal-welf then had to spend two nights in the Wels prison and was only released on condition that he no longer approach his employees and not enter his property.

Shortly afterwards, BILD reporters tracked him down at the castle of a baron friend of mine in the Salzburger Land and watched as he was appropriately chauffeured to the Salzburg mental hospital in a Mercedes classic. What he has been doing since then is not known.

Now there will be a trial before the Wels Regional Court. According to BILD information, the main question to be clarified is whether Prince Ernst August von Hannover can be blamed for being put into a state of insanity.

According to BILD information, the alcohol is said to have been obtained by his son’s employees in the knowledge of the potential danger to life.

The accused Paragraph 287 of the Austrian Criminal Code states: “Anyone who, even if only negligently, gets himself into an intoxication that excludes sanity through the consumption of alcohol or the use of another intoxicating substance, is if, while intoxicated, he commits an act which he apart from this condition would be counted as a crime or misdemeanor, punishable by imprisonment for up to three years. “

Some of the allegations of insulting the police were dropped after a three-month investigation. The date for the negotiation has not yet been set.

Prince Ernst August von Hannover, whom they only call “Ernst HAUgust” behind closed doors in his Austrian homeland, has not yet made any public statements. His defense lawyer Malte Berlin did not want to comment on the decision of the Austrian judiciary on BILD’s request. The imposed conditions remain in force for the time being.

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