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PRI will nominate a woman for the governorship in Chihuahua: Omar Bazán

The Chihuahua Diary

Monday, December 28, 2020 | 17:28

Chihuahua.- The state leader of the PRI, Omar Bazán, reported this afternoon that in the next few hours the National Executive Committee of the PRI will issue the call for the nomination of candidate for the state governorship.

Based on the TRIFE ruling on parity, the Party’s national leadership confirmed that Chihuahua is among the entities where a woman will apply.

The state leader of the PRI pointed out that the committee, sectors, organizations and militancy “will be attentive to the bases of the call to continue with a spirit of triumph the application of the most competitive cadres in June 2021,” said Omar Bazán.

He added that once the call for the governorship is issued, the federal, state and municipal councils will follow.

Omar Bazán indicated that in this process the agreements in the alliance with the National Action Party and the Democratic Revolution in the federal districts will be addressed.

Omar Bazán called on the PRI militancy to continue working in unity with the conviction of victory.

In a meeting with women from various regions of the State alongside the Secretary General, Georgina Zapata, Omar Bazán pointed out that the state leadership – elected until August of next year – will reinforce partisan work according to the electoral calendar.

The Party is united and stronger than ever, Omar Bazán pointed out to the PRI women.

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