Presumed member of La Unión Tepito falls in the Centro neighborhood

Intelligence agents of the capital city police arrested in the streets of the Mayor Venustiano Carranza José Antonio “N”, who is identified as a member of the Zapotitla Fierro family, alleged extortionists of merchants in the Merced area; In addition, capital authorities identify him as a member of The Union Tepito.

According to the reports of his arrest, the agents located him around 6:25 p.m. at the intersection of Rosario and Corregidora streets, Colonia Centro, where he sold drugs along with two other individuals, who were also arrested.

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The alleged criminals were secured 30 cocaine wrappers, 69 bags of marijuana, a magazine with three available cartridges and a 25-millimeter firearm, and 400 pesos in cash.

The Zapotitla Fierro family, according to investigations, is a gang that is dedicated to extorting money from merchants in the La Merced area.

This publishing house in its edition on January 22 of this year, reported on the gangs that allegedly extort money from merchants, one of them Los Zapotitla Fierro, who allied with La Unión Tepito to expand their Criminal activities.

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It is known that on December 10 one of the members of this family was executed in front of his wife when he was driving in his vehicle on the streets of the 20 de Noviembre neighborhood, Venustiano Carranza mayor’s office.


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