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Pressure on Biden to award another stimulus check

Some 21 US congressional senators joined the call for President Joe Biden to pass another round of stimulus checks as part of his infrastructure package.

According to Telemundo Puerto Rico, the senators decided to send a letter to Biden with the proposal.

“We urge you to include recurring direct payments and automatic extensions of unemployment insurance linked to economic conditions in your long-term Build Back Better economic plan,” they stated in the letter.

Senators said the recurring payments would help stimulate the economy.

“These payments not only help keep families out of poverty, but act as an economic stimulus by increasing spending and supporting employment,” they noted in the letter.

However, the measure remains only a proposal as Biden has not expressed himself with a decision.

Biden’s infrastructure project, budgeted at $ 2 billion, focuses on fixes to roads, bridges and airports

On the other hand, the third round of financial aid of $ 1,400 is one step away from reaching Puerto Rico.

According to the Secretary of the Treasury Department, Francisco Parés Alicea, the only thing missing is the signature of the Federal Treasury and the transfer of funds to start disbursing.

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