Presidential plane. No advances or sales agreements, as in 2018

Until today nobody wants the presidential plane. According to the National Bank of Public Works and Services, there is no record of potential buyers or delivery of advances to set aside the TP01 “Jose maria morelos and pavon” with a value of 2,500 million pesos.

It has been almost two years since the aircraft was offered through the HIM-HER-IT to the whole world, he went and returned from the Boeing hangars in California and is now kept in the shelter of the Mexican Army at Military Base 19, which means an average spending of 8 million pesos per month according to calculations by the Ministry of Defense .

That is, until this December maintaining the plane has meant an expense for the federation of around 40 million pesos.

“A search was carried out and no documentation containing a sales commitment was identified, so such information is non-existent,” he replied. Banobras to a request for information.

That is, the process of selling the aircraft is as in December 2018 when the Secretary of Defense informed Banobras that TP01 would cease to function as the chief executive’s plane.

On July 27, the holder of Banobras reported that there was an advance for $ 1 million to buy the presidential plane. However, the agency in charge no longer has a record of this procedure.

And the outlook for the business is not favorable as there are at least two aircraft on the market that compete with the TP01: one in China with capacity for 40 passengers and quite luxurious and another in Switzerland, which is completely new, does not have an interior installed but it has a superior performance to the Mexican airplane.

As revealed MILLENNIUM, in the process that lasted 20 weeks there were 42 interested parties, Among them were a Chinese citizen, a tribe, a billionaire and companies engaged in the sale of aircraft.

Of the 42 interested only 11 passed the filter applied by the one and in the end only six presented an offer to buy the plane. The most favorable economic was that of the Indian tribe, however, the representative did not present evidence of the funds to buy the aircraft, he presented a tribal identification and not an official one and the capital of his companies is very low compared to what was declared.

The only viable offer according to HIM-HER-IT was that of Aviator Global Corp, which was within the range of the appraisal price and was the only offer that met the price requirements considered.

Mexico’s presidential plane bought it Felipe Calderon in 2012 at 218 million dollars, that is, 9 thousand million pesos; however, it is currently valued at $ 130 million and was used by Enrique Peña Nieto for two years and 10 months.

Today, the government of the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador you are looking to sell it as a promise of your campaign.

It is a plane Boeing 787-8 VIP category manufactured in 2010 in the United States and which arrived in Mexico in October 2014. It has a range of 15,262 kilometers at a speed of 912 kilometers per hour and, in addition, weighs 124 tons with a capacity of 47 tons and has 1,700 flight hours.


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