President of PROESA criticizes US senators and congressmen for their adverse opinions to Bukele

The head of the government agency for export promotion, Salvador Antonio Gómez Góchez, expressed serious criticism against the Democratic and Republican US legislators.

The president of the Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador, PROESA, Salvador Antonio Gómez Góchez, attacked United States congressmen and senators who express their worrying opinions about democratic governance in El Salvador, allegations of alleged corruption and the increasing more alarming links of organized crime in government.

Gómez Góchez said that US legislators, both Democrats and Republicans, should stick to their opinion on El Salvador only with knowledge of the facts, and follow the example of the popular voice of the whole world who, in his opinion, considers Nayib Bukele. as the best president in the whole world, including to the mass media of “the whole planet”.

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The head of the autonomous community expressed his opinions on Wednesday night at an event to present the Salvadoran Corridor project in Prince George’s County in Maryland, held at a party venue in the Adelphi neighborhood, an event that ended up being taken over by the Salvadoran government and concluded as an event of the ruling party; despite being an effort to open up the local government of that county where thousands of Salvadorans reside.

“Here in the United States, congressmen tend to express their opinion about our country without having knowledge of what is happening there, a new generation of young people has risen up and has taken in their hands the conduit and life of our country, championed by our president. Nayib Bukele, considered the best president in the world, I am not saying so. All the media around the world say it ”. Gómez Góchez said.

However, the opinions of the legislators of both the Senate and the House of Representatives of the federal legislature of the United States are based on the reports they receive from all the agencies of the United States government on Salvadoran soil and from the collection of multiple observers from the academic environment , economic, social, judicial, political and cultural of El Salvador and the Latin American region.

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Councilor Taveras, right, with committee members and Salvadoran officials. Photo EDH / Tomás Guevara

Their opinions are also linked to the commitments in the different committees that endorse funds for assistance and economic cooperation from the United States to El Salvador and other countries of the so-called Northern Triangle of Central America.

His position is far from reality since media such as the prestigious The Washington Post, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, El País, to mention just a few, have put the authoritarian drift of El Salvador on alert throughout their news treatment. , both in its news coverage and on opinion pages.

The president of PROESA added that Salvadorans in the United States should not allow congressmen like those from California, where he resided until 13 years ago, (Norma Torres, for example) to dedicate themselves to express their opinion against El Salvador. The Guatemalan legislator has been a key player in the Lower House to point out the unstoppable corruption in the region and to sponsor the best legislative tools for the United States to focus cooperation in terms of accountability and respect for the rule of law.

“El Salvador two years ago was another, now we have a new one and we have to defend it, that is why I leave you the challenge to tell your representatives in Congress to go and visit this new El Salvador and to then they can give any opinion, “said the president of the autonomous community in charge of promoting investments.

The opinions of the president of PROESA occurred a day after the State Department, the engine of United States diplomacy, also issued its most recent report on Human Rights in which it makes serious remarks and does not remove its finger from the line on the unstoppable corruption, summary attacks by state forces, and contempt for court orders, among others.

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