The President of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, conducted a self-criticism and review in the face of the pandemic. In a televised speech, he warned about the “crisis of confidence” generated by the Covid-19 coronavirus. The German head of state also recognized the “mistakes” and “setbacks” during the management of the emergency.

Steinmeier said there is “a feeling of helplessness and frustration” that spreads. The president stressed that “concerns about health, school, work and the economy” now add “a crisis of confidence.” The president warned that the “agreement” between those represented and the state is being doubted.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier told the public that “I understand more the impatience, the frustration over the setbacks of recent months.” Of course, in the analysis he added that “Much has been done, much has also been achieved”. For the president there were errors “in the tests, in the vaccination, in the digital solutions.”

In Germany, the president has a mostly formal role, since he is not head of government, but he has moral weight. Steinmeier anticipated in his speech that they will live hard weeks for the third wave and called for “demanding a lot from politics.” The Teutonic authority indicated that there is no single formula, beyond vaccination.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier took advantage of asking politicians for greater “clarity and decision”, in addition to “Understandable and pragmatic rules”. The Social Democratic politician stated that the health crisis placed a “mirror” before the country. That is why he considers that he shows his defects as # fear of risk # and # diversion of responsibilities #.

German wave He states that Steinmeier urged the Germans to regain trust as a society and individually. The German president commented that “in the end the trust in democracy is nothing more than trusting yourself“. That is why he recommended that “we trust ourselves and take care of each other.”

A health worker cares for a Covid-19 patient in a hospital in Germany

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