The President of the Argentine Republic, Alberto Fernández, used social networks to detail its contagion by coronavirus Covid-19. The president explained that an antigen test gave him positive and is waiting for what a PCR test on SARS-CoV-2 will expose. The governor specified that he has initiated a preventive isolation.

In the red Twitter the head of state stated that “after presenting a fever record of 37.3 and a slight headache, I performed an antigen test, the result of which was positive.” Fernández added that “although we are awaiting confirmation through the PCR test, I am already isolated, complying with the current protocol“.

The trans-Andean president emphasized that “I feel physically well” and that “I am also in good spirits.” Alberto Fernández received the news of his contagion on the day he turned 62 years old. That is why he thanked “from the soul the many expressions of affection that today have given me remembering my birth.”

The ruler indicated that “I have contacted the people I was meeting with in the last 48 hours to evaluate if they constitute a close contact so that they make the isolation ”. At the end, he specified that “it is evident that the pandemic did not pass and we must continue to take care of ourselves.”

Page 12 He details that from the Casa Rosada they referred to the president’s message to spread his state of health. In his publications, Fernández wanted to reassure the population about his condition. “I ask everyone to be preserved following current recommendations ”, wrote the head of state.

Alberto Fernández in a campaign event

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