President Alberto Fernández will lead an official act in the city «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

The President of the Nation, Alberto Fernandez, and the owner of the Anses, Fernanda Raverta, will head this Sunday an act in the city in which the promulgation of the new retirement mobility law will be announced and the campaign will be launched “Anses summer”.

This was confirmed THE CAPITAL from official sources. According to reports, the event will take place in the Chapadmalal area and the schedule has not yet been confirmed.

Installed from Thursday afternoon in the rest residence of Chapadmalal, the president Alberto Fernández welcomed the new year in Mar del Plata and predicted that the country “awaits 2021 of enormous opportunities.”

The head of state spent New Year’s night with his inner circle at the Chapadmalal Tourist Unit, where the governor of the province of Buenos Aires is also located. Axel Kicillof. Fernández was reunited in Mar del Plata with his partner Fabiola Yañéz, who from the beginning of the week was already in the city.

Minutes after the year has started, the President greeted the Argentines through social networks and made a management balance in a video of a little over six minutes in which he also expressed the wish that “unity be the engine of the reconstruction of the country.”

“Happy New Year to everyone,” wrote Alberto Fernández, who thanked the health personnel for the work carried out during the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, he asked again that they remain measures to avoid contagion, given the growth of cases and the relaxation that he perceives in the care: “We must continue taking care of ourselves. The pandemic did not end. Even though we have the vaccine, the pandemic continues ”.

Regarding expectations for this year, he affirmed: “Today is the time to talk about tomorrow, about that country that we are already beginning to rebuild and which is awaiting 2021 of enormous opportunities.”

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