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Premier League: De Bruyne’s strange renewal: no agent and using ‘big data’ to calculate his salary

Signing this contract was an immediate decision. This soccer team is built for success. It offers me everything I need to maximize my performances “, Kevin de Bruyne has assured after announcing his renewal with Manchester City until 2025.

The ex of Genk, Chelsea, Werder Bremen and Wolfsburg has taken the “maximizing his performances” to the letter. According to ‘The Athletic’, the Belgian international hired a team of experts in ‘big data’ to calculate its value.

De Bruyne proud after renewing with City until 2025: “I’m very happy”

“De Bruyne was able to show the City, through the collected data, his enduring value as a most influential player, and he used it to negotiate a significant raise under the terms of the new agreement,” assures the ‘Daily Mirror’. In this way, ‘KDB’, which earned 400,000 euros a week, went on to receive 462,000, about 24 million euros per year. Remain, therefore, the highest paid player in City.

De Bruyne was able to show City, through the data collected, his enduring value as the most influential player.

‘Daily Mirror’

The numbers weigh their worth. Since his arrival in 2015, the 2019-20 Premier League ‘MVP’ has scored 65 goals and delivered 101 assists in 255 games. A decisive contribution so that the ‘sky blues’, in that period, have conquered two Leagues, one Cup, four League Cups and one English Super Cup.

But the Belgian not only wanted to know his contribution. He also tasked data analysts with studying Manchester City’s potential for future success. depending on the age and worth of its players … and comparing it with the greats of Europe.

Possibly the best exterior in Europe – De Bruyne’s assist is …

The ‘MVP’ of the 2019-20 Premier has no agent

Big data is not the only surprising fact of the de Bruyne renovation. The City ‘playmaker’ has personally led the renovations with the club. Remember that you do not have an agent. His former representative, Patrick de Koster, was arrested in August 2020 after the player himself denounced him for money laundering and falsification of documentation.

“I’m in a good club. Good owners. Good club. We are a bit in conversations, not advanced (…) If I didn’t want to stay, it would take someone to mediate. But when you want to stay, it’s not that hard “, claimed De Bruyne himself in November.

De Bruyne (1-0) goal at Manchester City 2-0 B. Mnchengladbach

And so it has been. De Bruyne certified his renewal with the ‘citizens’ negotiating his contract in person and in person. His father Herwig and a lawyer accompanied him in the distance “telematically”. “Kevin knew very well what he wanted. He goes his way, we follow him,” confessed his father.

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