Former participants in the reality show “Dom-2” Ira Pinchuk and Arai Chobanyan are preparing to become parents for the first time. The couple’s firstborn will be born this summer. Expecting the birth of their son, Irina and Arai decided to rent a more spacious apartment than before.

Recently, the lovers have moved to a luxurious apartment in an elite house. Irina Pinchuk and Arai Chobanyan did not announce the area of ​​the apartment, but it is obvious that it is huge.

The new dwelling of the ex-participants of “House-2” has three bedrooms, a large kitchen, a lounge area, dressing rooms, a bathroom, a separate room with a jacuzzi and a panoramic window.

“This is our corridor. For you to understand, this is pure, real marble. Beauty!” – showed Arai and Irina a new apartment.

There is still a little chaos in the rooms, things have not yet been disassembled, some are still in boxes. But the couple is in a great mood and absolutely delighted with the home.

“From the first day of moving to Moscow, I dreamed of this – to wake up in the morning, turn my head, and here is such a panorama,” Arai Chobanyan showed a huge floor-to-ceiling window in the bedroom.

Irina and Arai plan to live in this apartment for about a year, and it is here that they will bring their newborn son after some time.

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