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Pregnant influencer Emily Mitchell dies aged just 36

For years, Emily Mitchell delighted her fans with her life as a mother of four. In November, she revealed: She is pregnant with baby number five. Just four weeks later, the influencer is dead.

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“Number five is on the way,” wrote Emily Mitchell on Instagram in mid-November. The blogger was full of anticipation for her next baby. But she shouldn’t experience that again. One month after her post, the mother of four, who was pregnant with her fifth child, is dead. Emily died completely unexpectedly at the age of 36, according to the family’s official donation page.

Emily Mitchell shared almost all of her life on her blog “The Hidden Way” and also on Instagram, a life as a passionate mother of four children. Their fifth child should be born in a few months. But on December 22nd, Emily was suddenly no longer available, says the “GoFundMe” page. She sat at the breakfast table, drank her coffee, ate a toast. Then Emily fell off the chair. Her family responded immediately, but any help came too late. The 36-year-old and her unborn baby die.

“Our hearts are broken and their joyful presence is sorely missed by so many,” said the statement published on the donation page. “Em shaped the lives of so many people. This loss is incomprehensible to anyone who knew her.” The exact cause of death is still unclear. “The doctors are still working on answers for the family.”

Donations are currently being collected on the “GoFundMe” page. Almost $ 150,000 was raised within a few days. “The money will be used for their children’s education, as well as for the many expenses that Joe and the children will bear once they get used to life without Emily.” In addition to her husband Joseph, the 36-year-old also has four children, Finn, Isla, Edie and Lulu.

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