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El Brujo Mayor announced his predictions for 2021 and after shuffling the tarot cards and preparing his instruments, he announced what this new year has destined for the world.

This year will not be the most positive for the outgoing US president, Donald Trump, who lost his reelection.

“We see a lonely Trump, forgotten and those demonstrations that are taking place will have serious consequences for the United States. Trump is not going to remain silent, he is going to remain strong until February but he is going to have many problems.”

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Likewise, El Brujo announced that the president could experience a marital separation, serious illnesses and could be sought by the police.

He also assured that it will be a good year for feminists despite attempts to quench the fight by detractors.

“It is going to be very strong (the movement), there is solidity, they are going to have a tremendous influence on society, they are going to be approached by groups that are going to support them with money and have the incredible support of society, although the machistas are going to be pulling hard so that they are not together, but I do not think they will achieve it, “the Elder Warlock replied to Efe.

Regarding the existing debate on abortion in Mexico, regarding its recent legalization in Argentina, the fortune teller assured that its decriminalization will not take place this year due to the disinterest of the current president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, on this issue.

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“In Mexico it does not happen, Obrador does not want to throw himself at things that do not interest him at this time and it will not transcend in any way,” he said.

Faced with the questioning about a possible reelection attempt by the president of Mexico, the fortune teller assured that despite his desire to carry it out when his term ends (in 2024), his state of health will not allow it.

On natural disasters, the Warlock said that the president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, will have to take charge of the areas that were forgotten by Trump due to his skepticism about climate change and ruled out that there would be an earthquake in the country.

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“There will be a greater number of hurricanes and floods. From Guatemala downwards they will suffer a lot from the waters, there will be no strong earthquakes, but there will be mild ones, mainly in the Caribbean area,” he said.

From the Covid-19, the fortune teller predicted that it will be another year of pandemic and that the global economic sphere will have a considerable fall whose magnitude can be seen from January 10.

“There will be very serious problems in Europe due to the pandemic and the second pandemic is coming, which is not the covid but the economy, it will fall very hard and there will be more suicides than ever in the whole world,” he concluded.

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