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PRD calls Mario Delgado “miserable and mean” for video of the anticovid vaccine

The president of Morena, Mario Delgado Carrillo placeholder image, was regarded as “miserable y ruin“, having uploaded to his social network a spot about the vaccines against Covid-19, in which he presumes that the government of the fourth transformation will apply the biological in a universal way, and his party will put half of its budget for the purchase of the antidote.

“We are going to file a complaint with the OTHER, for the spot that Mario Delgado took on his account, in the sense of using the issue of the vaccine as an electoral issue; that is something miserable and mean. “

The acquisition, distribution and application of the vaccine “is an exercise of the government, not of the political parties,” he said. Angel Avila, representative of the PRD before the INE, where the corresponding complaint will be entered this coming Monday or Tuesday.

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For the rest, the federal government deploys a dissemination campaign without vaccines, as shown by “43 thousand pieces have arrived and they pose it as if they had already immunized the population.”


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