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Porsche says "no, thanks" to use VW’s new platform for electric vehicles

With the recent announcement of the new electric platform from Volkswagen (SSP), we would all think that all the brands that make up the group would also use it in the future, however, from today Porsche says “no thanks.”

The company announced that all its brands would start using this electric platform from 2026, which will replace the MEB and PPE, however, Porsche has already announced that it will go its own way not just by developing your own high-performance batteries, but by using the platform that suits you best.

According to our colleagues at Automotive News Europe, Porsche decided that it will continue to use the PPE platform that it has developed since 2018 in conjunction with Audi, in order to continue to maintain sportiness and luxury that characterizes its models even though they are electric.

According to the information, Porsche will withdraw from the new platform because This will be used for the creation of conventional electric vehicles.

Recall that the new generation of Porsche Macan, which will be 100% electric It will be made on PPE, just like the Audi Q6 e-tron and some new vehicles from Bentley.

For now, Porsche’s electrification strategy looks quite ambitious. has the plan to sell seven million vehicles based on this platform by 2030.

In Motorpasión Mexico

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The news Porsche Says “No Thanks” To Using VW’s New Platform For Electric Vehicles was originally published in Motorpasión Mexico by Estefanía Trujillo.

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