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Popular Cryptocurrency Investor Names 5 Low-Cost Altcoines With Great Growth Potential


10 abr 2021 22:42 GMT

The expert predicts a capitalization of $ 1 billion for two of the currencies.

Investor Lark Davis, who runs a popular YouTube channel dedicated to cryptocurrencies, has pointed to five promising low-cost assets for investment, as he believes they will grow in the future.

The five altcoines, as non-bitcoin cryptocurrencies are called, are represented on the Binance stock exchange, one of the largest exchanges.

“You should be looking for coins that have high potential, but maybe the market isn’t paying enough attention to them right now,” Davis stated at the beginning of his video.


The first on his list is the Polygon (Matic) coin, which currently costs $ 0.36, after growing a 2.608% in one year. Despite the current low price, its market capitalization has already reached $ 1.8 billion.

“Despite the high market capitalization, I currently believe that it is a coin that the broader market does not seem to understand at the moment,” Davis stated, adding that its ecosystem is larger than many other currencies with higher capitalization.

Injective Protocol

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Davis later mentioned the active Injective Protocol, calling it a “beast.”

This system belongs to the group of decentralized finance (DeFi), which do not depend on central financial intermediaries, such as banks, but offer traditional financial instruments.

At the moment, Injective Protocol is in the testing phase, but now you can buy its ‘tokens’ – at about $ 15 each – and carry out transactions without commission thanks to Layer 2 technology.

At the moment, the market capitalization of Injective Protocol is estimated to be approximately $ 240 million. Meanwhile, the investor believes that, after the launch of the main grid, this index will exceed the $ 1 billion.


Marlin is the third altcoin Davis chose for his video. It is “a ‘blockchain’ network with a focus on providing a high-quality infrastructure for” decentralized finance. According to the investor’s words, Marlin allows other ‘blockchain’ networks to improve their operation.

Its price is now $ 0.24, while the market capitalization equals more than $ 170 million.


Regarding Kava, which is the fourth currency listed by Davis, he stated that “it is a very underrated decentralized finance protocol”, and very powerful. The investor said that he has monitored this altcoin for a long time and expressed confidence that it will be able to reach a capitalization of $ 1 billion. It is currently 408 million and the value of a ‘token’ is 7 dollars.

Kava DeFi works as a decentralized bank that allows users to lend, borrow, or earn on its platform. In addition, it produces a series of products for the market.

Open Ocean

Davis pointed out that the fifth altcoin in his ‘top’, Open Ocean, is “an aggregator that works on centralized exchange services” in order to find the best prices for users. It works with “most popular chains and applications,” including Ethereum and Finance Smart Chain.

Open Ocean is in the coin offering phase. Meanwhile, he claimed, the system has promising prospects, as the Binance cryptocurrency exchange is its main investor.

It is currently trading at $ 1.75 and has a capitalization of $ 746 million.

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