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Popocatépetl increases volcanic activity; Puebla authorities recommend taking shelter at home

Puebla, Pue.- Given the increase in the activity of the Popocatepetl volcano, authorities recommended that the inhabitants of the metropolitan area of ​​Puebla reduce outdoor activity and stay in House.

The Secretariat of Civil Protection and Comprehensive Risk Management of the municipality of Puebla also requested close doors and windows, cover tanks, drains and pet food tanks.

Ante la possible ash fall north and center of the Puebla capital, the City Council issued a series of recommendations to the thousands of inhabitants of that area.

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If it is necessary to leave the house, cover the nose and mouth, wear glasses to prevent the ash from entering the eyes, as well as reduce the exposure time in open places.

They recommended protecting in a special way girls, boys, the elderly and people with respiratory diseases.

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If possible, avoid driving the car, if you do, slow down, as the ash makes visibility difficult and makes the pavement slippery, but above all, keep calm.

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