Pope Francis is represented twice because of sciatica pain

According to the Vatican, Pope Francis is represented at two appointments around the turn of the year because of sciatic pain. As Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni announced on Thursday, the Catholic head of the church wants to say his Angelus prayer in the library in the Apostolic Palace on January 1st as planned.

Actually, Francis was supposed to lead a solemn evening prayer in St. Peter’s Basilica on early New Year’s Eve. The “Te Deum”, a church hymn of praise, traditionally sounds at the end of the thanks vespers. At this appointment on Thursday, the Pope will be represented by the Dean of the College of Cardinals Giovanni Battista Re, as the Vatican spokesman explained. Because of the Corona measures, the service was only planned in a small group.

On New Year’s Day, Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin will replace Francis at the mass at the beginning of the year in St. Peter’s Basilica, it said. The subsequent Angelus prayer on Friday afternoon in the library should be led by Francis. “Vatican News” says that all live broadcasts from the Vatican will take place as announced.

There were also corona cases recently in the Vatican

The Vatican spoke of a painful sciatica. These are various complaints that usually originate from the sciatic nerve. For example, it can be trapped or inflamed. The pain can stretch from the back to the leg.

Shortly before Christmas, the infection of two cardinals with the coronavirus had raised concerns about the Pope’s health. Francis is considered a risk patient due to his age and previous lung surgery, but he is rarely seen with a mouth and nose covering. The Vatican has not yet announced whether and when the Pope will undergo a corona vaccination. Pope Francis turned 84 two weeks ago.

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