45-year-old Anastasia Volochkova has recently lost weight and prettier. The ballerina looks slim, fit and seems to have thrown off several years. Nevertheless, part of the audience is convinced that at her age it is time to stop concert activity and it is worth doing something more calm and non-public.

The artist categorically disagrees with this opinion, believing that her professional skills are still at their best, and haters and numerous envious people collect negativity about her. The star even organized her own show and is actively touring Russia with the play “Ballerina Through the Looking Glass of the Circus”. Basically, her audience at these performances is children.

Sharp-tongued ex-participant of the Dom-2 project and now popular blogger Rustam Solntsev also joined the ranks of the “envious” (or haters) Anastasia. On Instagram, the showman posted a video with Volochkova’s number in a cage, which she considers one of the most difficult.

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“Horse woman and children. Poor, poor children, ”he harshly commented on the staff.

“Yeah … really …”, “It’s scary”, “Some kind of misunderstanding”, “Horror, there are no more words, where are they letting her out to the children?”

However, there were also those who sided with the ballerina. “Well done, doing something”, “Agree”, “True, she works, does not whine”, “So what ?! Stop scolding a person, you yourself are not perfect … you are evil, ”- can also be seen in the comments under Rustam’s post.

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