Politicians of the world celebrated the legalization of abortion in Argentina – Télam

One of the first to react was the President of the Government of Spain, the socialist Pedro Sánchez, who affirmed that “Argentina is today a more feminist nation.”

“The Senate has voted in favor of legalizing abortion in the country. A social demand that, after several years of struggle, #EsLey. Advancing in rights for women until reaching full equality is essential throughout the world,” said Sánchez on his Twitter account.

Also the Spanish Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, welcomed the news and described as “exciting” that the struggle of women continue to win rights with “an unstoppable force.”

“Compañeras from Argentina, today is a day to celebrate. We will continue with the same feminist force from all corners. #EsLey,” he tweeted.

Also the Spanish deputy Íñigo Errejón, from the leftist Más País, thanked the “Argentine comrades” and stressed that there is “never more secrecy, darkness and danger.”
In neighboring France, the Deputy Minister of Citizenship, Marlenne Schiappa, considered the approval of the Legal Interruption of Pregnancy (ILE) as “a great advance for sexual and reproductive rights.”

“A difficult fight for the brave Argentine feminists, whom we had supported. Bravo Argentina!”, He stressed in the same social network.

Several legislators also highlighted “the excellent news for women”, such as the deputy of the leftist Francia Insumisa Clémentine Autain, and Albane Gaillot and Paula Forteza from the Ecología Democracia Solidaridad party, a split from the ruling Republic On The March.

“Today Argentine society changed forever. A wish for 2021: that the historic decision taken by Argentina tonight inspires many other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean,” Forteza wrote on his Twitter.

Meanwhile, the Franco-Greek MEP Chrysoula Zacharopoulou expressed in the same social network her “emotion” for the legalization of abortion in Argentina.

“Argentina Emoción !!! Congress adopted the law to legalize abortion #AbortoLegal #AbortoLegalYa # AbortoLegal2020”, also tweeted the gynecologist and defender of reproductive rights in the European Union (EU).

In Poland, where a wave of protests suspended last October the court’s decision to declare abortion due to fetal malformation unconstitutional, the opposition United Left party (Razem) echoed the legalization in Argentina.

“The debate in the Argentine Senate lasted 12 hours. Even the Pope tried to influence, but it was decided that the woman had the right to interrupt the pregnancy at 14 weeks. In Poland: record support for legalization. The (official) PiS already knows that abortion will sink them and I don’t feel sorry for them, “said Anna Górska, a member of the Razem National Board.

The approval of legal abortion was also celebrated by politicians and feminist movements in Latin America.

“A good part of the night I watched the debate in the Argentine Senate, the triumph of the green tide was already being painted. I was moved to know that it shared the accelerated beats with the hearts of the daughters, mine and those of the continent. Abortion is law! What a wonderful victory! “, Expressed the former Bolivian Minister of Health, Gabriela Montaño.

“Let the green tide rise across the continent!”

Gabriela montaño

In Chile, Communist Party deputy Camilla Vallejo called this important step that the feminist struggle managed to take for women “really remarkable”, something also highlighted by the legislator of the leftist Democratic Revolution, Maite Orsini Pascal, on her Twitter: “¡¡ IT’S LAW! The girls did it and from here we celebrate and get excited with them. ”

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