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Policeman kneels on his neck – swirl around the arrest video from Göttingen

Göttingen – These scenes bring back bad memories: In May 2020, police officer Derek Chauvin (45) kneeled in Minneapolis (USA) for more than nine minutes on the neck of the African American George Floyd († 46). Floyd died, Chauvin was convicted of murder.

▶ ︎ Now an 84-second long video has emerged that shows a seemingly similar arrest in Göttingen (Lower Saxony): The recording shows four police officers trying to tame an aggressive rioter (28). An officer hits the man four times on the head and pushes his knee into the neck! The man is bleeding from his face.

Now the police have commented on the disturbing images.

“Verbally aggressive, provocative gestures”

According to investigators, the incident occurred on July 18 at around 6:40 a.m. at Göttingen Kornmarkt in the pedestrian zone. Accordingly, the 28-year-old was drunk and had previously been noticed in several places in the city center – “through verbally aggressive behavior and provocative gestures towards police cars driving past him”.

According to the police, the man opposed a patrol car at the Kornmarkt and prevented them from continuing their journey. So the officers got out to check him. However, the 28-year-old did not want to identify himself – instead he became aggressive again “and approached the officers in a threatening posture”.

The police first tried to calm him down. When that didn’t work, one of them wanted to overpower the drunk. Both fell to the ground, the 28-year-old kicked and thrashed around, injuring himself and the police officer.

More patrols rushed to the scene of the incident, then it was possible to overpower and tie the Göttinger. He gave a blood sample at the station, then went to the hospital. The officer also had to be treated in a clinic – he is unable to work for the time being.

Police body cam filmed the entire operation

Regarding the witness video, the Göttingen police said: “According to an initial assessment, the published recording is probably a partial sequence of the course of events. A deployed officer recorded the operation with his worn body cam. The evaluation of this recording is ongoing. “

The rioter is under investigation for resisting law enforcement officers, assaulting police officers and insulting him. Witness information: 0551-491-2115.

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