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Police officers catch a man with a replica gun and let him go for 400 pesos and an Armani watch

Two policemen capitalists were presented to the capital prosecutor’s office by let go of an armed subject, who offered them 400 pesos and a armani watch in the mayor’s office Miguel Hidalgo.

The events occurred on the night of January 1, when the uniformed officers detained the driver of an Audi on José María Velasco Street and 5 Street, who in a review detected a replica firearm.

The subject offered them money and the watch to leave it; However, they did not realize that elements of the internal affairs department inspection tours by the embassies sector and they discovered them, so a investigation for crimes committed by public servants.

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The uniformed men graded the gold watch and money between their vests. The Internal Affairs agents asked the policemen to show their belongings and they found the gun, the money and the watch.

Both were referred to the capital prosecutor’s office where the investigation CI-FIDCSP / B / UI-3 C / D / 0002 / 01-2021 began.

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