Police have evidence of a second attack

AAmerican security forces have tightened security at the seat of Congress following evidence of a possible second attack on the Capitol. Intelligence information pointed to a possible plan by a militia to attack this Thursday, Capitol police said in Washington on Wednesday. The Capitol Police are aware of potential threats and prepared for them. In addition to the erection of barriers, among other things, the number of security forces has been increased to protect Parliament.

Supporters of the elected President Donald Trump, who has since left office, stormed the Capitol on January 6th during a session of Congress, wreaking havoc and havoc. The Capitol Police then came under fire because parliamentary security forces were not prepared for the attack and could not stop the intruders. At least five people were killed in the riots, including a police officer. The then head of the Capitol Police, Steven Sund, resigned.

Republican Trump had incited his supporters at a rally shortly before the attack that the victory in the November election had been stolen from him. The Democrats accused him of “inciting a riot” and initiated impeachment proceedings. Trump was acquitted last month because there was no two-thirds majority in the Senate.

Some supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory believe that Trump will return to power this Thursday, March 4th. Until 1933, March 4th was the date that American presidents were sworn in. Meanwhile, the inauguration will take place on January 20th. On January 20 of this year, the Democrat Joe Biden replaced Trump in the White House.

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