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Police disguised as Santa Claus to arrest a young man in La Plata | Chronicle

A Buenos Aires policeman disguised himself as Santa Claus to arrest a criminal who was wanted since last September for beating a man with several accomplices in the city of La Plata, police sources reported this Friday.

The incident occurred last Thursday night when personnel from the 10th police station and the Patrol Command detected that the aggressor was at an address on 17th Street, between 460 and 461, in the town of City Bell in La Plata.

Investigators pointed out that since the 23-year-old man suspected of assaulting a man constantly changed his address, a covert surveillance maneuver was carried out, for which one of the policemen disguised himself as Santa Claus.

With the disguise, he managed to approach the home without being discovered and when he found that the young man was there, an emergency search was carried out in which he was arrested and brought to justice.

The detainee is accused of being involved in a herd attack on a man in early September this year in City Bell.

On that occasion, along with eight other accomplices, they attacked the victim with stones and sticks in an apparent fight between neighbors, the sources added.

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