Police and TransMilenio spent the security money

The District Oversight identified administrative inefficiencies in the execution of the inter-administrative cooperation agreement 613 of July 9, 2019, signed between Transmilenio SA and the Revolving Fund of the National Police.

In said investigation, expenses were evidenced in musical instruments, a gym, furniture and mariachi dresses, among others, unrelated to the contractual objective that was the safety of Bogota citizens in articulated buses.

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According to the document issued by the District Oversight, with money that had to be invested in security, coexistence and surveillance of the users of the Transmilenio system, the National Police and the Empresa Tercer Milenio of TransMilenio SA would have bought gyms, mariachi costumes, musical instruments and even furniture.

According to the investigation of the control entity, the execution of the agreement was not adequately supervised and the money was spent on items that were not part of the contract and were additionally unnecessary for what the city really needs in terms of security.

Both in the system and by the Police, they are not approved in the needs plans, which means that the information sent by the Tercer Milenio Transport Company “Transmilenio SA” or disclosed by the entity in SECOP 1, there is no evidence in which such approval expressly exists.

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Following these findings, Administrative recommendations were made to the Management of the Third Millennium Transport Company “Transmilenio SA”, in order to improve administrative management in this type of agreement.

“We found that more than participating in an agreement to improve security at TransMilenio, the Revolving Police Fund would have allocated resources to provide facilities, or attend to the uniformed. All this escaping the supervision of TransMilenio: what does the acquisition of a gym for Mebog have to do with coexistence in mass transport?

In addition to sending copies of the investigation to the Office of the Attorney General, a body that has jurisdiction over the Revolving Fund of the National Police, copies were certified to the Personería of Bogotá and the District Comptroller’s Office so that within the scope of their competence they assess the documentation and determine the measures to be followed.

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