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PlayStation wants to adapt its games to mobiles, according to a job offer

Sony is looking for a head for the mobile section to bring its sagas to that platform.

The mobile market boom in the video game industry is not going unnoticed for large developers, who see an opportunity to expand revenue and audience. For example, the jump from the Call of Duty saga to Android and iOS, with Call of Duty: Mobile, has been a complete success for Activision. Now, it seems that it is PlayStation which he wants to try his luck in this market.

Head of Mobile will work with PlayStation Studios to create a roadmap for the next 3-5 yearsAccording to a new job offer, PlayStation is looking for a “Head of Mobile” (“Head of the Mobile section”), a position to be filled with an experienced person, whose objective will be lead the strategy development of playstation mobile games. In addition, this person will take care of adapt the sagas important to mobile devices and will work with PlayStation Studios to create a roadmap for the next 3-5 years, so it is a long-term project.

“As ‘Head of Mobile’, he will develop the mobile gaming strategy for PlayStation Studios and help lay the groundwork for future growth opportunities. He will direct all aspects of the expansion of our game development, from consoles and PCs to mobiles and services, focusing on the successful adaptation of the most popular PlayStation franchises for mobile devices“says the offer.

PlayStation 5

Bring a saga to the mobile market It is not a simple task, since the process of adapting the game to that platform is complex. According famous analyst Daniel Ahmad, “In 2021 the global mobile games market will be 3 times greater than the console games market “, which undoubtedly explains this decision of Sony, what want to expand the number of players and look for other options in the industry.

Interest in mobile games is more than evident and we have many recent examples that confirm that there is a huge number of players in that market. On the one hand, PUBG New State has already exceeded 10 million pre-registrations; on the other hand, Genshin Impact has been a tremendous success for miHoYo, entering 1,000 million dollars in Android and iOS in its first 6 months.

This job offer has come to light at a time when in the last few hours we have had new information about the course of PlayStation. Yesterday we learned that, according to Bloomberg, Sony is preparing a remake of the original The Last of Us. On the other hand, and according to the same source, PlayStation would have canceled the sequel to Days Gone to prioritize a new Uncharted.

In addition to all this new information, and journalist Jason Schreier’s claim that PlayStation is entering solely and exclusively in big productionsPutting the smaller studios aside, we heard another interesting piece of news. According to the creator of God of War, David Jaffe, PlayStation is preparing a counterattack on Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass.

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