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Platinum highlights: the trend that will dominate in 2021

This season is the ideal time to lighten your hair and illuminate your face with color effects. One of the techniques that will continue to set the trend in 2020 are the wicks platinadas.

These types of highlights mimic the appearance of hair when it lightens from spending time in the sun and sea, making it the perfect look for the summer season. This effect is achieved by creating a gradual color change, lightening the ends more and maintaining the color of the root. Here are some techniques to carry this trend.

Platinum highlights, how to wear them in 2021

Tweed effect on hair

This year the platinum tones will be the most requested, since they are perfect for those looking to get away from the yellow and orange tones.

One way to wear it is the ‘tweed’ effect, which, as its name indicates, imitates the shades of this fabric on the hair, maintaining a dark base and creating highlights of different levels of lightening in ash blonde tones.

If you do not like hair that is too light, you can adapt this same technique to the color that you prefer.

Effect ombré

Ombré highlights consist of a color transition from root to tip, making it ideal for people who want to keep their natural color at the roots. They can be worn in shades slightly lighter than the natural base of the hair.


This technique arises from balayage and consists of leaving the root of the hair in its natural tone, creating very fine highlights that are then mixed with a gradient from the middle to the ends.

This effect is ideal for those who want to change the appearance of their hair and give more light to the jaw and cleavage, depending on the length of the hair.

Contour in the hair

Just like the makeup technique, this consists of illuminating the face in the areas to which you want to give more attention. That is why the strands closest to the face are lightened and they are mixed with highlights that go from medium to ends in the rest of the hair.

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