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Piqué’s funny response to Ibai after winning the Copa del Rey: “I’m going to get what comes out of my cushions …”

There is good vibes between Ibai Llanos Y Gerard Piqué, months ago they shared in an interview and they always play jokes. Now, as a brand-new King’s Cup Champion, the FC Barcelona center-back received congratulations from the content creator through WhatsApp.

“Congratulations handsome. Don’t take out a trumpet at the celebration, you bastards, ”Ibai wrote to Piqué to the DM. What the native of Bilbao did not expect was the Catalan’s response. “I’m going to get what comes out of my c …”.

And in Piqué’s tweet that revealed the conversation, he wrote: “Lessons, the fair ones.” But one a second screenshot in the conversation that was also revealed by both.

“How many glasses do you have with you? Sincerely, ”Ibai wrote waiting for a response about the celebration. And Piqué sent him an image with the list of the players with the most titles in history and he appears sixth with 35, behind Dani Alves, Messi, Iniesta, Maxwell and Giggs.

“You do not learn, you are a youth,” wrote the defender in his tweet, while Ibai had to withdraw without much else: “Good evening. I’m going to fuck off ”.

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