Píparo: they don’t want cell phones to be seen | The f …

The lawyer representing one of the motorcyclists run over, Martín De Vargas, asked the prosecutor María Eugenia Di Lorenzo to kidnap and open the cell phones of Carolina Píparo, her husband, Juan Ignacio Buzalli and the Secretary of Security of La Plata, Darío Ganduglia. Is that in the messages between them the truth about what happened can be found, both in the robbery that the legislator would have suffered, and later in the run over of the two motorcyclists, the dragging of the motorcycle along several blocks and the way in which Ganduglia was summoned and how he intervened.

It seems proven in the case, that the official did not participate in any operation and that he came only to assist the legislator.

For now, the prosecutor did not accept the measure despite the fact that De Vargas’ request seems reasonable. The lawyer will insist because he maintains that it is a test of the utmost importance.

In La Plata it is known that Píparo aimed to head the list of deputies of Together for Change in 2021 and it is mentioned that Ganduglia could be the next candidate for mayor of the Buenos Aires capital. What’s more, Mayor Julio Garro is on leave until February and it is mentioned that whoever makes the decisions in his replacement is Ganduglia.

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