Píparo and her husband were vomiting and had a strong smell of alcohol, two policemen declared

Justice has “practically ruled out” that the two motorcyclists were run over at dawn on New Year’s Eve in La Plata by Juan Ignacio Buzali, Carolina Píparo’s husband, participated in the assault on the marriage, while the lawyers of the young men attacked requested the arrest of the man, considering that he tried to commit a double homicide.

Judicial sources informed Télam today that “there is absolutely no indication” that relates the motorcyclist Luis Levalle (23) and his companion, 17, with the theft reported by Píparo and Buzali, while confirming that the La Plata prosecutor in charge of the case, María Eugenia Di Lorenzo, has a video in which the possible perpetrators of the assault are seen, who have not yet been identified.

In turn, at the request of the Justice, personnel from the Departmental Directorate of Investigations (DDI) La Plata raided the Operations and Monitoring Center (COM), located at diagonal 80 and Calle 5 of that city, to kidnap the recordings of the security cameras from when the events occurred.

In this regard, the Municipality of La Plata detailed tonight in a press release that 73 DVDs with 400 hours of filming were delivered, the duty books and the data of all the personnel who worked on December 31 and last January 1 .

For her part, Píparo assured in the last hours through a letter that she disseminated on social networks that both she and her husband are “at the disposal of the Justice” and that it will be that instance that determines what happened with the robbery and with the subsequent event, which he defined as an “accident”.

Earlier, the lawyers of the two run over motorcyclists asked the Court of Guarantees 5 of La Plata, in charge of Marcela Garmendia, to order the arrest of Buzali, arguing that there are “procedural dangers.”

“Attentive to the behavior displayed by Juan Ignacio Buzali in the events of the events, his total disregard for the law was demonstrated, fleeing after running over the victims, this constitutes a true escape danger,” said Martín De Vargas, lawyer de Levalle, in his letter to which Télam had access.

The lawyer added that “the existence of public officials assisting them” after the fact shows that “there is an obstruction in the investigation, since they have used influences to avoid being arrested and also to avoid the alcohol control.”

De Vargas thus referred to two situations that he considered irregular: that the municipal security secretary went immediately to the scene after the fact and that Píparo’s husband was not immediately subjected to the breathalyzer test.

“Given the existence of these procedural dangers, to ensure the purpose of the criminal process”, De Vargas asked the court “to request the arrest of Buzali” and, at the same time, to separate from Judge Garmendia, since she is the mother of Juan Manuel Martínez Garmendia, who is a member of the Julio Garro Municipal Cabinet, as well as Píparo and the Secretary of Security Darío Ganduglia.

Now the magistrate will have to answer whether or not she departs from the case.

In turn, Rodolfo Baqué and Juan Fontana, lawyers for the adolescent who accompanied Levalle, requested that Buzali be charged with the crime of attempted double homicide, assuring that “it was not a traffic accident.”

Speaking to Télam, Baqué said that the legislator’s husband wanted to “cause an injury to two armed robbers”, for which he asked that their “immediate arrest” be ordered and that the Municipality of La Plata be urged “to contribute the raw material of the videos “of the fact.

In the brief presented to Garantías, Baqué and Fontana stated that “Buzali has had a clear intention of causing the death” of the motorcyclists.

“We understand that Mr. Buzali, by cunningly, treacherously and intentionally hitting the rear of the motorcycle at excessive speed (…) had the purpose of ending the lives of those mentioned, motivated by the thirst for revenge and anger at considering them the authors of the robbery that he and his wife had suffered more than 70 minutes before. “

“Buzali and Píparo believed that the young men were dangerous armed robbers, so on presuming that they were carrying firearms, Buzali attacked them with the clear intention of killing them,” Baqué explained.

The lawyer added that “by making a mistake, they wanted to imprison two innocent parsley and install them in the media as guilty when it comes to working children who were watching the burning of end-of-the-year dolls with 12 other people.”

In the judicial brief, the lawyers also stated that they later wanted to “flee” although they did not succeed “because of the determined persecution carried out by motorcyclists who were friends” of the victims.

On the other hand, the lawyer for the legislator, Fernando Burlando, considered this morning in dialogue with different media that the lawyers’ proposal is “far from the sanity imposed by law” and asked “not to lose focus on the most important thing” which is “the episode of insecurity” that Píparo suffered, ten years after being the victim of another criminal act in which he lost his nine-month-old baby.

According to Píparo, the incident occurred around 2 am on New Year’s Eve, when she was attacked by six “motochorros” who intercepted her as she was taking her father home and stole the billboard with 20 thousand pesos and her iPhone phone.

The legislator added that after that and when she was going with her husband to file a complaint at a police station aboard his Fiat 500L, they were again intercepted by the “jet engines” and at that moment they rammed one of the motorcycles to escape.

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