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‘Piojo’ Herrera does not know Xolos offer; already recovering from Covid-19

Sources close to Miguel Herrera confirmed that there is no formal offer from Xolos to take over his services; Pablo Guede’s project is firm

MEXICO — Miguel Herrera continues to await an offer to return to direct in Mexican or foreign soccer as soon as possible, however, so far it has no formal approach and does not know of any interest on the part of the Xolos from Tijuana to replace Pablo Guede, This was confirmed to ESPN by sources close to the coach.

It is known that the ‘Piojo’ has a very close relationship with the Hank family, owner of the border box, although so far they have not made any formal proposal to take charge of the red and black dogs for the second time in his career.

Herrera was already in charge of Tijuana In the Apertura 2016 and Clausura 2017 tournaments in which he had an outstanding performance with more than 30 points in each of the competitions, he qualified for the league on two occasions and took the dogs out of the percentage problems.

On the other hand, sources within the Just They indicated to ESPN that the team is firm with Pablo Guede as coach and they would not see it logical to make a change at this time.

The frontiers are in ninth place in the general table with 16 units and are in playoff spots. The same source affirms that the Hank family believes in the Argentine strategist’s project and the projection is for the tournament to end.

Right now, Herrera is at home recovering from the infection of Covid; The strategist is already in much better health, although he lived difficult days due to the coronavirus. The strategist hopes to be 100 percent in the next few days to evaluate any offers that may come for his services.

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