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Pinamar: the tail of a tornado crossed the city and destroyed roofs, trees, power lines and spas

The municipal secretary of Security defined it as "a catastrophe"
The secretary of Security of the municipality defined it as “a catastrophe”

In the wake of a fierce storm, roofs were blown up, trees were uprooted, posters were overturned and tents in a spa sector were smashed from the center of Pinamar. “It is a catastrophe”, he summarized it before the consultation of Infobae Lucas Ventoso, the municipality’s security secretary.

The phenomenon unleashed during the early hours of Wednesday persisted throughout the day. In the first place, it caused many streets in the Buenos Aires town to flood in the morning. However, around 6 p.m. it had a fierce peak. The tail of a tornado passed over the center of the city, almost on the line of Bunge Avenue, the backbone of the urban area, and generated multiple damages.

Images of the tornado that passed through Pinamar

“It was a catastrophe, the tail of a tornado passed, it destroyed many houses and entire trees that it uprooted. Further, we have the police evacuated because they passed over the cavalry and we are trying to find accommodation “Windy commented.

The Buenos Aires Ministry of Security confirmed the damage to the Stables: trees fell on top and 70 square meters of roof were blown up, right where the municipality’s Communications Center is located (the operational base of the 911 of Pinamar).

In a police station the roof was blown off
In a police station the roof was blown off

“There is a group of policemen who were on duty that went there to clean and fix everything. What affected the tornado are police units and not accommodation, the agents are not staying there, they pay for their accommodation, “a hierarchical source from Operative Sol gave his version to this medium.

strong storm in pinamar

The storm affected all the towns of the municipality of Pinamar. In Valeria del Mar there are dozens of flooded streets. In OstendeSomething similar happened, there was damage to houses, roofs were blown off and water entered hundreds of homes. “The early morning storm was worse here,” said Patricio Puglia, a tourist staying in Ostend.

Strong gusts destroyed several lines of tents
Strong gusts destroyed several lines of tents

“As a result of the strong storms that have occurred over Pinamar in the last few hours, we are working in all the neighborhoods: we know that there are flooded streets, fallen trees and rainstorms that are not enough. All teams are in the street working: urban guard, Civil Defense, Social Development, Urban Services and Secretary of Security “wrote the mayor Martin Yeza in his social networks, in which he attached photos of felled trees on the completely flooded sidewalks and streets, which looked more like Venetian canals.

From the National Meteorological Service they explained that the storm is due to a low pressure system that generates bad weather conditions, “With intense, persistent winds, very cloudy and continuous rains”.

Heavy rains left several streets flooded (Diego Medina)
Heavy rains left several streets flooded (Diego Medina)

The SMN had fired this morning the Orange alert. In these cases, five actions are recommended: find a place indoors, stay away from coastal and riparian areas, cut off the electricity supply in case of identifying the risk of water entering your home, stay away from utility poles or power lines , and always have an emergency backpack with a flashlight, radio, documents and telephone ready.

This is how the spa area was

A phenomenon with similar characteristics recently occurred in La Pampa. On December 18, a strong wind and rainstorm caused the fall of trees, branches, cuts in electricity services and cable television in Santa Rosa, the provincial capital. The gale started around 5 p.m. and was preceded by a significant rain fall, on a day that had started out very hot.

The fall of trees, according to community sources, caused damage to some vehicles and destroyed the stands of the Gift Fair, which the local Ministry of Social Development had installed in a square in the center of the city, like every Christmas. In addition, many residents were without electricity and water service as a result of the storm. In Santa Rosa, the tornado even knocked down several walls of houses and buildings.

In Pinamar, several trees fell on top of the cars (Diego Medina)
In Pinamar, several trees fell on top of the cars (Diego Medina)

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