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Pinamar: the police had to disperse hundreds of young people and there were runs on the beach

The crowds worry about the rise in coronavirus cases Source: LA NACION – Credit: Tomás Cuesta

Yesterday afternoon, near the Parador Boutique, located in the south of Pinamar, the Tactical Unit for Immediate Operations (UTOI), an elite group of the Buenos Aires police that is now part of the Sol operation on the Atlantic coast, had to descend to the beach to disperse the young people who were there.

In the video you can see a crowd gathered, drinking and dancing near the water. When the police officers appeared with their off-road vehicles there were runs, But the episode did not leave people injured or detained, according to sources from the Pinamar municipality.

Although this spa is usually the one most chosen by young people to relax on the beach, this year the image is worrying due to the increase in cases of coronavirus. In Argentina, in the last 72 hours, 20,905 new cases of the virus were registered, a figure that set off the alarms of the authorities. The large number of tourists in the Argentine seaside towns makes the situation require special attention.

“The Halcón Group and the UTOI Group are based in Pinamar. We have the main special forces. Pinamar is the epicenter of the Sol operation, here there are 800 troops,” he explained. Lucas Ventoso, Secretary of Security for Pinamar.

The same president, Alberto Fernández, pointed out that they would use the security forces to prevent people from gathering in the streets and on the beaches: “If we see that the situation does not ease, we will see how the security forces and others begin to act. in the streets to dissipate people and to prevent crowds, “said the President in dialogue with Radio 10.

From the province of Buenos Aires, they indicated that they would impose restrictions if the cases continue to grow. One of them could be the closure of stores from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., something that caused discomfort in merchants who throughout the year waited for the summer months to be able to increase their profits.

On the part of the Ministry of Health of the province of Buenos Aires, they pointed out to LA NACION that, throughout the Atlantic Coast, they do not observe that citizens are complying with the protocols. “If the cases get out of control and compliance with the protocols remains unfulfilled, there may be restrictions and setbacks in the phases. Just by looking at social networks you can see that people take care of themselves less and less,” Ministry sources said.

For this reason, the authorities and merchants of Pinamar ask that, in addition to the protocols implemented by the authorized premises, citizens maintain a responsible attitude, something that, as can be seen in the images, is not always fulfilled.

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